Where AI accelerates software development

Pacely is a fully-fledged project management tool with an AI assistant that learns your code and saves your team hours in communication, documentation, and development.

Group stories using stacks

Let AI explain

Having a deep understanding of your code, our AI serves as a real-time guide—generating on-demand documentation and navigating your team through the complexities of your codebase. Save hours explaining system behavior, effortlessly write descriptive tickets, fast-track your onboarding process, and get instant, intelligent bug analysis with actionable fixes.


Available on Slack

Always online and just a message away, our AI is there to walk your team through the codebase. Streamline cross-team communication and elevate the onboarding experience, all while freeing up your team to stay focused on driving innovation and achieving your business goals.


An intuitive organization system built to save your time

Use stacks to break down your backlog into smaller, ordered clusters of stories, with your priorities residing at the top. No more sifting through a long list of stories to find what's next. Take one glance at your Stacks, and you will instantly know your highest and upcoming priorities.


Prioritize your stories relative to each other

Order your stories within stacks to establish relative priorities. As your stories are completed, they are automatically moved to the bottom of the stack, allowing you to focus on the next highest priority.


Create stories quickly

Quickly add new stories anywhere within a stack. Simply click between any two stories to seamlessly insert a new one in the desired position. Just provide a title and fill in the details later, allowing you to move swiftly while knowing exactly where your stories will land.


Story Breakdown

Effortlessly break down larger stories into smaller sub-stories. Sub-stories inherit the parent's ID with a suffix counter, facilitating quick and intuitive identification of their relationship.


Flexible Sprints

Set start and end dates for your sprints, while retaining flexibility to end early or late if needed. Pacely automatically detects unfinished stories and provides the option to seamlessly move them to the next sprint or backlog upon sprint completion.


Customizable Board

Align the workflow to your specific needs by choosing which stages your stories progress through, from inception all the way to completion.

Customizable workflows

Track Github Activity

With github integration, we will automatically associate branches made on your github repositories to their corresponding stories on Pacely. This allows for seamless tracking of any commits or pull requests made on those branches.


Get Slack Updates

With Slack integration, you will never miss an important update or message from our app, as you will be notified immediately in a place you already use and trust.